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Friday, 15 January 2016

What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood which begins at around age 10 and ends around age 21.  It can be roughly divided into three stages - 
1) Early adolescence, generally ages 9 to 13;
2) Middle adolescence, ages 13 to 15; 
3) Late adolescence, ages 15 to 18 extendable upto to 21.
In this crucial period of transition rapid physical growth, intellectual, emotional and social development is taking place which directly shapes the personality of the adolescence. This development is not uniform and universal in all cases and can be uneven and out of sync in some cases.  To overcome this uneven and irregular development there is dire need of mature professional advice, adequate monitoring and healthy environment to bring in positive attributes in teenagers. Based upon the positive attributes in the teenagers the positivity will step into the adulthood.  

To comprehensively understand this development, lets look at different aspects of it.  

Physical Development:
Massive physical and biological development occurs during this period in the body. This development occurs differently in male and female. In females development occurs earlier than the males. The development pertains to height, weight, body structure, hair growth, skin structuring, lean muscle mass, bone structure, maturing of the vocal cords and genitals, appearance of sexual characters etc. Female are more concerned about their looks, shape and skin color, while the Males are more concerned about the muscle growth, height, weight and shape of their body.  Due to this they spend more time in beauty salons, malls and gyms. This results in wastage of the important time and money which should have been utilised for constructive goal oriented work.   

Intellectual - Mental - Cognitive Development:

Social Development:

Moral Development:

Even normal and healthy development can be uneven and occurs in out of sync pattern. This unevenness calls for healthy environment and greater parental role in teenagers life for developing positive attributes. This combine with expert help provided through this online blog/website can bear wonderful results. This is how we will change this period of turmoil into period of opportunity.

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